CSR Initiatives

Innodata’s CSR initiative is in line with our mission of “improving the world by enabling better decision making through the power of digital data.”

Innodata’s CSR approach is dedicated to “Childhood Education and Computer Literacy.” We seek opportunities to enable underprivileged children in the communities in which we operate to have improved access to computers and digital learning tools. Within this general purpose, Innodata specifically seeks opportunities to invest in and improve girls’ access to education and computer literacy.

As a socially responsible corporation, Innodata undertakes meaningful programs for the welfare and sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. Our CSR programs are managed end to end by our employees who volunteer for the cause to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people and communities. The success and consistency of our CSR programs are a testament of the spirit of care, compassion and altruism among Innodata employees.

These activities not only provide our employees with an outlet for giving back but also engage our clients and customers who voluntarily support these benevolent causes. At Innodata, we believe that investing in the communities where we do business makes our culture more vibrant and our business stronger.

To implement the above CSR objectives, Innodata has defined a transparent framework, governance mechanism and policy guidelines.

Come, join this revolution.