Learning at Innodata

At Innodata, we are committed to enhancing the skills and competencies of our employees to facilitate continuous improvement and to help them build professional and organizational expertise. In addition, it helps improve our client experiences and thereby gives us an edge in the competitive business landscape. Training needs analysis, conducted annually, forms the basis of the training plan and regular training calendars. Furthermore, training solutions, as dictated by specific team requirements and targeted flagship programs to address key competency gaps, are designed and delivered for organizational development.

In building the learning DNA in each employee, Innodata offers a world-class learning environment flanked by a robust training approach with a portfolio of more than 75 learning modules delivered by our team of certified trainers at respective locations.


Leadership development is one of the top priorities at Innodata. We believe that with the right platform and encouragement, high-potential employees can be groomed into influential leaders who will lead us to success in the future. Last year, Innodata launched the Leadership Academy, which commenced with the following two flagship programs, designed to broaden leadership skills and business acumen at different levels of the organization:

—Front Line Managers Development Program (FLM): A targeted leadership intervention with an eight-month structured roadmap to build and strengthen the foundations of leadership for our first-line managers.

—Managers Development Program (MDP): Focused on developing our middle managers through a six-month structured program that facilitates the movement from a culture of management to a culture of leadership.

The above endeavor is supported through our Leader’s Teach Leaders philosophy, whereby our senior leaders partner with the Training Team to impart learning through coaching, mentoring, leadership roundtables and conducting key training sessions.