International Women’s Day global celebrations

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year around the world. On this special day, we recognize and appreciate women’s role in the advancement of socio-economic and political welfare of all people. Innodata Mandaue presented a one-week audio-video presentation and awareness campaign, recognizing the significant achievements of women all over the world. The inspirational message and learning shared by Ms. Marissa Espineli (VP-Corporate Finance) by an audio presentation was also aired in the Inno Cafeteria. On March 11, 2014, Innodata honored all the women employees with fun-filled games and recognition (trivia and power dress contest). One of the highlights of the event, is the one on one interview with Ms. Janet Chua-Petilla (VP-Project Delivery), where she imparted her challenges and life changing experiences as a mother and spouse, as a concerned citizen and as a leader rolled into ONE WOMAN.

March 8th is a remarkable date worldwide celebrating the International Day for Women with this year’s theme “Inspiring Change” – a good start to inspire for righteous change. In Innodata Legazpi, an essay writing contest was organized around completing the phrase “A woman that inspires me most…” Moreover, the Year 2 of “Women of Innodata Legazpi” had been materialized wherein employees nominate a Level 1 – 3 woman employee who is admirable and inspirational, and deserving of the title “Woman of Innodata Legazpi”. During the program on March 8th 2014, Sr. Manager (Facilities) Jose Maria B. Lopez gave a message about the importance of our female population in the workforce, followed by a video presentation and a surprise award for the Women of Innodata Legazpi. Another was activity called ‘Miss Inspiring Change’ and was established for the Level 4 and above employees, to inspire others about the real essence of being a woman. All participants received some tokens.

Women’s Day was celebrated in India with a planned activity for the female employees in both the facilities. All the female employees came together for a fun filled activity session where they enjoyed games and also shared their experiences in life on both personal and professional front. An inspiring video from the leadership team (Janet Chua Petila) helped to make the event a success along with success stories from the female leaders at the location.