Working Here

  • Kuldeep Rana

    “My journey with Innodata started in June 2005 as a template developer for the publishing team. I was privileged to be a part of the pioneer team for one of the new verticals of the organization. With only three members, we were able to set up and manage various projects. In 2007, I joined the operations team as a Team Manager. In that capacity, I worked on several projects with multiple teams.

    Today, I am a Division Manager leading a number of projects in both the technical and production front. I continue to develop as a professional, taking on new projects that offer diverse learning opportunities.”

    Kuldeep Rana
    Conversion & BPO services, Noida, India
  • Meenakshi Aggarwal

    “My journey with Innodata started in 2008. Through the year, I have grown within the organization with the guidance and support of senior management, who have provided invaluable coaching, mentoring and training. Clarity of vision, laser focus on innovation, commitment to being a leader in the ebook market, and a cohesive working environment have helped me in my journey.

    I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in leadership as well as in technical aspects, and I continue to learn more as Innodata continues to evolve in response to the fast-paced and ever-changing industry.”

    Meenakshi Aggarwal
    Ebook Engineering, Noida, India
  • Jyotilal Patel

    “My journey in Innodata stated in the year 2005 as a software engineer with the Production Services Team in Gurgaon. By providing global exposure and comprehensive training, Innodata has helped me grow professionally and gain individual knowledge and experience.

    Today I lead projects in the ITO team. I believe that the work culture at Innodata, along with the constant support from my managers, has helped me grow to this level in the organization. I have learned a lot from the difference phases we have been through and aim to accomplish more at Innodata as the years go by.”

    Jyotilal Patel
    ITO, Noida, India
  • M. Rizwan

    “I joined Innodata as an HR assistant in 1994 and moved to the Production Department in 1995. Through the years, Innodata has supported me through my journey from a production assistant to a production manager by providing training, mentoring, and coaching during my different roles.

    For me, the success formula at Innodata is a combination of positive attitude, commitment, dedication toward duties and loyalty toward the organization. Innodata has helped me not only gain knowledge in various projects and domains but also develop as a better professional.”

    M. Rizwan
    Conversion and BPO Services, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Jose T. Reyes Jr.

    “I joined Innodata in 1992 as a production associate. I became part of different projects, worked with different managers and was given an opportunity to work in difference business units. My passion for learning was satisfied when I joined the Management Development Program, a four-week mini-MBA program, which helped to broaden my business perspective.

    The hard work and commitment that I poured into the company have always been reciprocated with the support and trust of my immediate superior and the Innodata management. In the 23 years that I have been with Innodata, I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.”

    Jose T. Reyes Jr.
    E-Book and Composition Services, Manila, Philippines
  • Almin Moriones

    “I joined the Innodata family in 2004 as a document analyst for a litigation project, then later became a specs analyst. I joined a management training program, and with the support of my team members and seniors, was later promoted to team manager. I handled various projects until another opportunity presented it self and I joined the HR team in 2011 as a recruitment and training manager.

    My journey with Innodata is full of invaluable lessons, as I learned how to be strong and treat each problem not as a difficulty but as a challenge to improve and become a better person.”

    Almin Moriones
    Human Resources, Legazpi, Philippines