Innodata is an equal-opportunity employer, providing its employees a productive and engaging work environment, free of any kind of harassment based on race, color, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Our work environment encourages creativity and innovation, inspiring all our employees to deliver their best. Innodata provides a work environment where people treat each other with dignity and respect and where people’s different points of view are recognized and valued. It does not allow or support behavior that in any way intimidates or humiliates or is hostile or degrading to others. The Code of Conduct of Innodata continuously guides the values-driven actions and culture within the organization.

Innodata promotes diversity, encouraging people with different backgrounds, cultures, skill sets and points of view to collaborate in an environment marked by the three I’s of Innodata: innovation, inspiration, and integrity. We offer flexible workforce practices, which are reviewed and benchmarked regularly.

Step into any of our vibrant workplaces, and you can immediately feel the unique energy, enthusiasm and passion flowing through the people. Some of the key enablers are the performance-driven culture, continuous employee engagement, the robust Reward & Recognition program and focused talent-development framework.

Some of the recent activities at Innodata are mentioned below:

Innodata Rewards & Recognition Program »

Innodata Rewards & Recognition Program

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. At Innodata, we value our employees and their contributions. Aligning with Innodata’s three I’s (innovation, inspiration and integrity), our Reward and & Recognition framework aims to create a culture of appreciation that inspires our employees to perform at their highest potential. ...

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Halloween celebrations – across locations »

Halloween celebrations – across locations

Halloween was celebrated with full enthusiasm at the U.S. Innodata office. Innodata organized a Halloween breakfast and costume competition, and employees participated by dressing up in different costumes. ...

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Diwali celebrations – India »

Diwali celebrations – India

Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated in a grand way at our India office. Along with the festivities of sharing sweets and lighting lamps to spread happiness, Innodata’s India team also gathered to celebrate this festival as a family. ...

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Jewish New Year celebrations »

Jewish New Year celebrations

In the annual Haramat Kosit event, the Israel facility toasted the Jewish New Year with sparkling wine and chocolate to symbolize a sparkling and sweet new year. ...

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Vesak celebrations – Sri Lanka »

Vesak celebrations – Sri Lanka

During Vesak festival day, to add to the celebrations, ice cream was distributed to more than 2,500 participants, and flowerpots were given to approximately 2,000 devotees who came to Galle Fort Temple. ...

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Innodata’s CSR initiative is in line with our mission of “improving the world by enabling better decision making through the power of digital data.”

Innodata’s CSR approach is dedicated to “Childhood Education and Computer Literacy.” We seek opportunities to enable underprivileged children in the communities in which we operate to have improved access to computers and digital learning tools. Within this general purpose, Innodata specifically seeks opportunities to invest in and improve girls’ access to education and computer literacy.

As a socially responsible corporation, Innodata undertakes meaningful programs for the welfare and sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. Our CSR programs are managed end to end by our employees who volunteer for the cause to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people and communities. The success and consistency of our CSR programs are a testament of the spirit of care, compassion and altruism among Innodata employees.

These activities not only provide our employees with an outlet for giving back but also engage our clients and customers who voluntarily support these benevolent causes. At Innodata, we believe that investing in the communities where we do business makes our culture more vibrant and our business stronger.

To implement the above CSR objectives, Innodata has defined a transparent framework, governance mechanism and policy guidelines.

Come, join this revolution.


Innodata CSR Initiatives
Innodata CSR Initiatives
Innodata CSR Initiatives Innodata CSR Initiatives
Innodata CSR Initiatives Innodata CSR Initiatives

At Innodata, we are committed to enhancing the skills and competencies of our employees to facilitate continuous improvement and to help them build professional and organizational expertise. Besides, it helps improve our client experiences and thereby gives us an edge in the competitive business landscape. Training needs analysis, conducted annually, forms the basis of the training plan and regular training calendars. In addition, training solutions as dictated by specific team requirements and targeted flagship programs to address key competency gaps are designed and delivered for organizational development.

In building the learning DNA in each employee, Innodata offers a world-class learning environment flanked by a robust training approach with a portfolio of more than 75 learning modules delivered by our team of certified trainers at respective locations.


Leadership development is one of the top priorities at Innodata. We believe that with the right platform and encouragement, high-potential employees can be groomed into influential leaders who will lead us to success in the future. Last year, Innodata launched the Leadership Academy, which commenced with the following two flagship programs, designed to broaden leadership skills and business acumen at different levels of the organization:

—Front Line Managers Development Program (FLM): A targeted leadership intervention with an eight-month structured roadmap to build and strengthen the foundations of leadership for our first-line managers

—Managers Development Program (MDP): Focused on developing our middle managers through a six-month structured program that facilitates the movement from a culture of management to a culture of leadership

The above endeavor is supported through our Leader’s Teach Leaders philosophy, whereby our senior leaders partner with the Training Team to impart learning through coaching, mentoring, leadership roundtables and conducting key training sessions.


Copy Editor »

  • Posted On: 06/12/2016
  • Department: KPO Services 
  • Location: Noida, India 
  • Experience: Fresher / Newly graduate 
  • Status: Open

Should have good communication and comprehension skills.....

M. Sc. Chemistry | Senior Associate »

  • Posted On: 22/09/2016
  • Department: KPO Services 
  • Location: Noida, India 
  • Experience: Fresher / Newly graduate 
  • Status: Open

Role would be indexing & abstracting of patents/ journals/ Articles or books.....

Manager – GT Compliance »

  • Posted On: 22/09/2016
  • Department: Global Technology 
  • Location: Noida, India 
  • Experience: Middle Management 
  • Status: Open

Minimum 8+years of experience in IT out of which at least 2+ years of experience should be in the field of IS audit, compliance and risk management.....

Excellent opportunity for Perl Developer: Noida »

  • Posted On: 22/08/2016
  • Department: eBook 
  • Location: Noida, India 
  • Experience: Assistant Manager/ Manager 
  • Status: Open

Will work on Ebooks as Perl developer....

Copy Editors »

  • Posted On: 24/04/2015
  • Department: Legal Business Unit 
  • Location: Mandaue, Philippines 
  • Experience: Fresher / Newly graduate, Middle Management 
  • Status: Open

Provides accurate sentence construction, normalization of Case, Statutes and Regulations Citations, Topic Indexation, Case Tabling, and Legislation Finding List in accordance with the client’s requirements by carefully analyzing the content of the ....

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